Looking for a special gift for someone or a line of hair products you can trust?

Salon Salon is passionate about providing high quality, ethically sourced items for our clients.

We gift wrap as well!

Learn about Fair Trade and Diversion

Consumer Principles to Know

We care about what is in the products we carry and where they come from.

Please take a moment to learn more about fair trade and diversion and how it affects us all.

About Fair Trade

At Salon Salon we believe in creating opportunity for impoverished artisans in the Global South, raising awareness about fair trade through education and example, and cultivating environmental stewardship. All fair trade gifts in our salon are paid for promptly and fairly. You can feel good about who you're supporting when you buy these treasures sourced from third-world countries.

About Diversion

Next time you place that bottle of haircare in your cart at the grocery store remember this: diverted products have been passed down through unauthorized hands. This means what is inside is often diluted, expired, or tampered with and can be damaging to hair and color treatments. Diversion undercuts the very salons the products were created for. Lost revenue means increased prices or worse, shutting doors for good especially in smaller salons that rely upon a loyal clientele. It's a win for all when you buy product from a trusted stylist - you and your hair are worth the investment.